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He is also a notable commentatormember of the Smash Back Rooma former member of the Unity Ruleset Committeeand a former tournament organizerhaving previously hosted the Zero Ping series. In Super Smash Bros. He quit the game when Smash 4 was released. Meleehe is a Samus player with a Fox secondary and is considered one of the best Samus players in the United States.

They formerly lived in the same city in Oklahoma and regularly practice against each other. He lost to ADHD early in winners' bracket, but made a long run through losers' bracket, defeating players such as CandyFataland DieSuperFlybefore being eliminated by Tyrant in losers' semis. He lost to Gnes in winners' finals and then proceeded to lose to Tyrant in losers' finals, placing 3rd in the championship.

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He eliminated UltimateRazer in losers' quarters, but lost to Ally in a rematch in losers' semis, placing 4th. In losers' bracket, he defeated GnesUltimateRazerand Kakerabefore losing to Nietono in losers' semis. The last two matches of his set against Kakera are known as two of the greatest Ice Climbers ditto matches in Brawl history.

In losers' finals, he defeated Vinnieincluding an Ice Climbers ditto victory. He lost to Nairo in grand finals, placing 2nd.

esam twitter

In grand finals, he defeated Ally He defeated Suinoko in losers' bracket before being eliminated by Mr. Rfinishing at 13th place. He attended SKTAR 2 later that year, where he lost to Tyrant early in winners' bracket, and then made a run through losers' bracket, defeating AtomskXzaxand Allybefore being eliminated by ZeRo in losers' top 8, placing 7th. In winners' finals, he lost to Nairoand he was then eliminated by ZeRo in a rematch in losers' finals, placing 3rd.

In winners' bracket, he defeated Leon and Vas well as Ally in winners' semis, in a set that went down to the last 5 seconds of game 3, with ESAM getting the final KO with a forward smash. In winners' finals, he lost to 9Band then he was eliminated by Nairo in losers' finals.

He defeated Armada in losers' quarters before being eliminated by Mew2King in losers' semis. In losers' bracket, he defeated Nairo for the first time ever, in losers finals.

esam twitter

R and placing second. In losers, he defeated Bloodcross and SlayerZ before being eliminated by Zex and placing 5th. His next major event was CEOwhere he defeated Trela and Dabuz before being sent to losers by ZeRo and eliminated by Larry Lurr and netting another 5th place finish.

He later attended EVOthe largest smash tournament at the time where he defeated 8BitMan and Regi before being sent to losers by Abadango In losers, he defeated SS before being elimnated by Ally and finishing at 7th place. He would then defeat Nairo in losers finals before losing his rematch with ZeRo in grand finals, where he used Yoshi in Game 2.

In losers he defeated AC before losing to SlayerZ and finishing at 13th place. At the weekly, he defeated MegafoxAbadangoand Ally before Ally defeated him in both sets of grand finals. Mario in winners semis before falling to ZeRo in winners finals.

He then lost a rematch with Nairo's Dr. Mario in losers finals, where he switched to Samus in Game 3 after losing twice in a row with his Pikachu. In losers finals, he defeated Vinnie again before being eliminated by ZeRo and ultimately finishing 2nd.

At the tournament, he defeated Aarvark and S2H to make top In top 16 he defeated falln before losing to K9sbruce in winners semis.Hungrybox - Melee player and content creator for Team Liquid. My drive isnt there and other shit has my priority right now" twitter. The amount of times spongebob is relevant to anything is frightening Not that I'm complaining. He'd literally the only player I can learn things about Pikachu from, and he's pretty good at commentating as well This is no joke.

It is your destiny. ESAM is definitely the quintessential Pika in those games. Not sure if he checks reddit often, but ESAM was one of the large reasons I got into smash a year ago.

I hope he finds success in whatever his new priorities are. That's the same way I got into competitive smash, he'll always hold a special place in my heart. Sad to see him go, as I enjoy watching him and he has a great personality. I wish him luck on whatever it is he does next! ESAM would always come to the local tournaments at my university and wreck everyone, so now maybe I can actually stand a chance! Eyy, go tigers! ESAM still might come to locals because, and I quote from twitter, they're 'free money' more often than not.

Then again, there are times like Punch-Out where he leaves early because the pay-out is too small for his time. Have faith! Growing up is a part of life. I'm glad he could be honest and candid about the whole deal. Sucks though, he's an amazing player.

Damn, he's currently my favourite player in the Sm4sh scene.

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His Pikachu is just so much fun to watch. He did say there's a chance he'll keep playing after Apex, so everyone who goes, give him the time of his life.He is also known for being the best Pikachu main in both Wii U and Ultimate. Although being critical and joking of his own Melee play, ESAM is still considered one of the best Samuses in his home state of Florida, as well as South Carolina where he also competes fairly frequently.

In Julya video of him saying the n-word in was posted on Twitter.

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Main Wikis. General Recent changes Pending changes Random page. What links here. Related changes. Upload file. Special pages. Printable version. Permanent link. Page information. Browse SMW properties. This article is a player stub. You can help Liquipedia by expanding it. Panda Global. Super Smash Bros. Pikachu Ice Climbers. Mewtwo Samus Corrin.

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Custom media type: wyandotte-preview Source import Import source repositories to GitHub with the API version of the GitHub Importer. Custom media type: barred-rock-preview Announced: 2016-02-19 Update: 2016-05-03 Enhanced deployments Exercise greater control over deployments with more information and finer granularity. Custom media type: ant-man-preview Announced: 2016-04-06 Reactions Manage reactions for commits, issues, and comments. Custom media type: squirrel-girl-preview Announced: 2016-05-12 Update: 2016-06-07 Timeline Get a list of events for an issue or pull request.

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esam twitter

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esam twitter

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